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Customer Service Training


All students who have not yet attended the customer service training can register for two additional classes that have been added at the end of October.

Registration is available at:

(For new students, just a note that this training is different from the 1-hour Unravel library orientation course. All new students need to have completed BOTH of these trainings).

When you have registered, please comment with the DATE and TIME that you will be attending the training. Thanks!

Training for New Students

For all students who have started new this semester, please register for the following training:

Unravel 1: Orientation to the Libraries & Tour of Wilson Library

This training is on paid time. Register for the training outside of your normal shifts, if possible. If not, you can attend the training when you are already scheduled to work.

The training covers: There are almost 2 dozen libraries at the University. How do you know which one to use? What services do the libraries offer to make a patron's research easier? Get the inside scoop from library staff themselves. This session includes an orientation to services and resources available through the Libraries, an overview of the Libaries website and MNCAT, the library catalog, and a tour of Wilson Library.

Go to to register and follow the Unravel 1 link.

All new students, please comment with what date/time you have registered for. Thanks!

Customer Service Training

Registration for the Information Access and Delivery Service (IADS) customer service initiative is now available. All students are expected to attend this training, except those that attended this summer. To register, you must enroll online at:

All training will be on paid time. Enrolling in a training that is outside of normally scheduled work hours is just fine; just consider it extra paid time for that week. To make sure that you are paid for this time, either punch in/out when attending the training session or inform staff about when you are attending.

Classes will be offered beginning September 13 and continuing through October 3. There will be a total of eight sessions on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses and run approximately three hours in length. Note that there are two early evening sessions beginning at 5:00 pm.

When registering please keep in mind:
1) the Walter sessions will be held in 101 (the IT Dean's conference room).
2) The Diehl session will be in room 555
3) The Andersen sessions will be in 120C

All students please respond and indicate what training you will be attending. If you are not able to make any of the trainings, please see Margaret.

Student Online Training Module

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All student workers must view the Student Training Module, an online presentation to introduce you to the basics of student employment, library orientation and customer service.

You are expected to not only view this presentation but are also responsible for knowing its content -- so take notes, etc. to do whatever works best for you to really internalize this information.

Click here to access the Student Training Module.

The Student Training Module was designed by an IADS committee. IADS is the Information Access Delivery Services division of the University Libraries -- of which we are all a part. It's basically the division of the Libraries that is responsible for providing direct public service to Library users.


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