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Need a Reference??

If you would like to use us as a reference, you must complete an authorized release form. This allows us to talk to outside employers or entities about your work performance. The release is good for one year from the date it is signed.

See Becky if you may need to use the Library as a reference in the next year. I will get a copy of the form for you.

It's especially important to do this if you are graduating, applying for scholarships or looking for an internship or job. Having the form signed in advance can be a definite advantage when you're in the midst of a job/scholarship/internship search -- so do it now if you'll need a reference in the near future.

Emergency weather closings

Communications for Official University Closings
Libraries staff should listen to WCCO Radio (830 AM) for official University closing information. Details also will be posted on the University’s website home page:

In the event the University Twin Cities campus does close for weather-related or other events, University administration will send an email to all Twin Cities faculty, staff, and students with details about the closing. The University Librarian’s main phone number (612-624-4520) will have a voice-mail message repeating the official closing information.

For information on the University’s TXT-U emergency notification text messaging system, go to:

Incident Report

On 11/2, in Wilson, ITS staff reported unauthorized individuals in staff areas on the fourth floor. The individuals were asked to leave the area and complied.

On 11/2, in Wilson, a patron reported a stolen laptop. The patron had left his belongings unattended on a study table. Two individuals who matched the description of the unauthorized persons on the 4th floor were seen leaving the building with a laptop and power supply. UMPD responded to the call. The case is under investigation.

On 11/5, in Wilson, staff reported that the staff lounge had been vandalized over the weekend. UMPD had been called late on 11/2 by facilities staff who discovered the vandalism. There was no evidence of forced entry.

Rodent Problem

Recently there have been sightings of mice in the office, with the latest sighting being a mouse eating a peanut butter cup in Laurie's desk. While the mouse has good taste in food at the moment, this is just gross. We ask that you keep the desk area clean, and if you bring in food or are given treats that you take them with you when your shift ends. Also, if you see a mouse inform a staff member right away. If you see one when no staff is around, like at night after Elena or I leave or on the weekend, please leave a note.

Changes in IADS

Below are some changes taking place in IADS (Information Access & Delivery Services - the division of the Libraries we all work for). This is from a message by Sue Hallgren, IADS Director.

I have created a position which combines the management of the circulation units with the Wilson stacks and periodical reserve units with the possibility of including Wilson borrowing privileges and fines in the future. This combination brings all of the IADS circulation, stacks and reserve units together in a way that they have not been before.

Jerrie Bayer has agreed to step into this position. Jerrie is uniquely qualified to take on a position such as this and her skill set fits this position very well. Jerrie has taken on these responsibilities beginning March 1. As we move forward with this new structure we will be looking at how best to organize the units within this broad area of responsibility. You will be hearing more in the future regarding that.

This change was precipitated by vacancies/changes in management positions in Circulation, Wilson Stacks and Borrowing Privileges & Fines. Joan Mouchet will be retiring from the U Libraries on April 30, 2007. At the same time IADS has a vacancy in the stacks coordinator/Wilson stack manager position as well as a shift in the position of borrowing privileges and fines (BPF) coordinator/Wilson BPF manager with Matt Bowers move to being the Libraries security coordinator 50% time. These changes gave us a unique opportunity to review the IADS department structure and to look at how we are organized.

Please join me in congratulating Jerrie on this new position. I am sure she would appreciate all of our support and encouragement as she takes on this new challenge.

--Sue Hallgren, Director - Information Access and Delivery Services

Libraries Exhibits in the News

Both the Academic Blend Café and the exhibit "The Birth of Celebrity Culture in the City of Lights," currently on display in Wilson Library, are featured in an article in the University student publication The Wake.

Read the article here:


Food and Drink in the Library

The Libraries' Food and Drink Policy has not changed with the opening of the Wilson coffee shop this week. Covered beverages are permitted in most areas (unless prohibited), but food is not. Food is limited to the basement between the doors to the Periodicals Room, the doors to Bus Ref/Gov Pub, and the doors to the stairs and elevators. The Libraries policies will be reviewed after we have experience with the impact of the cafe.
-- Peggy Johnson, Associate University Librarian

No food and drink signThis means that no food or uncovered drinks are allowed within the Periodicals room.

All students please comment that you have reviewed this policy. Thanks!

History Day Students Love Wilson Library

There are some great results to share from a 2006 survey of MN History Day mentors. Students who received mentoring (vs. those who did not) were three times as likely to report that their research skills "improved greatly" as a result of participating in History Day. But the kicker is that those who worked with a mentor AND researched at the University of Minnesota were four times more likely to say that their research skills "improved greatly." The Coordinator of MN History Day (Tim Hoogland, aka "Mr. History") has also shared with Susan Gangl (Wilson Reference Librarian & History Day Liaison) that we are unique in the country for our level of cooperation and support. Thanks to the great work of Susan Gangl and the rest of the folks who provide History Day support in Wilson!

“Wilson Library ROCKS" is what "Mr. History" wrote in the margins of the survey results he shared with me.
-- Jerilyn Veldof
graphic reading National History Day in Minnesota: where students make history!

Coffee Shop to Open Valentines Day


Just a reminder that a cup o' java is coming to the Lower Level of Wilson Library beginning this Wednesday, February 14.

Get ready for an increase in traffic in our area of the Library. How exciting!

Cell phone use policy


The Libraries guidelines for use of cell phones in our facilities have been codified in "Guidelines for Cell Phone Use.�

The policy has links from the Facilities & Operations Managenet (FOM) staff page: (under Policies on the left)

The Libraries public page listing policies and guidelines for library users also has a link:

All students please comment that you have visited one of the links above & read the policy. Thanks!


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