Work Emergencies


  • If the fire alarm sounds, leave the building immediately. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. Exit the building and proceed to the front of the building, near the sundial. A supervisor will meet you there.
  • DO NOT use the tunnel on the basement level as an exit.
  • The service desk offices will be locked when the building is evacuated. DO NOT attempt to return for your possessions.

Severe Weather

  • If a severe weather warning is issued for the university area, supervisors will notify student employees.

University Closings

  • University closings are announced on WCCO 830 AM. Closing information will also available through calling the University Librarian's Office (612) 624-4520 or checking the university homepage.

Water Leaks in the Stacks

  • If you see water, wet ceiling tiles, damp books, or other signs of leaks, notify a supervisor immediately. If no supervisor is available, notify the Library Office (612) 624-4520. Notify Facilities Management at (612) 625-0011 when the Library Office is closed.
  • Check for, and remove, any damp or wet books from the shelves. Place them on a nearby table. Stand them up and fan the pages open.
  • Cover the affected stack ranges with plastic sheeting. The plastic is kept in the Book Return Room in Circulation on the 1st floor and in the Annex. Cut the plastic long enough to cover the affected area and unfold it. Keep in mind that leaks can spread and cause splashes.
  • Once the plastic sheeting is in place, move a trash can into the affected aisle. Place the ends of the sheeting in the trash can. This will direct the flow into the trash can and prevent further damage.