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Holiday Cheer redux

Holiday Cheer was a great success! 12 toys were earned to be donated from shelving accuracy checks. As a whole 22 toys were donated to Toys for Tots. 

Periodic shelving accuracy checks

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In the most recent shelving accuracy checks, that included all of our students, people were able to find 565 items out of a total of 570 checked.  This has been the best effort since we began keeping track of our student staff.


A big thank you to all of you.

It's the Most "Shelving-ist" Time, of the Year


You are doing a fantastic job! Even during all the increases in shelving, you are at 11 toys donated for Holiday Cheer, which means that you are putting the books back where they need to be!

We appreciate your patience as you see shelving scheduled for many of your shifts or if we move you suddenly to shelving...together we will get through this. Hang in there!


*Prize entry: Use the word shelving or a variation of the word (made up is okay...note blog post title), to improve a Holiday or other song title or lyric and you'll be entered to win a prize.

If you just want to sign your name to the post we'll put you in the drawing too, but it's more fun for everyone if you get creative.

MTX and External Deliveries

When processing MTX or external deliveries, please refrain from sorting them onto the pink return trucks. By checking them in directly from the blue bins or the delivery truck, we are no longer having to handle the materials twice (once onto the pink trucks and then on to the brown trucks). If you have any concerns or questions about this change in processing, please talk to a supervisor. 

Annex Desk Computer Policy

We would like to remind all of you about the computer policy as outlined in the CRSS Work Rules and Standards. Office and desk PCs, printers, copiers and fax machines are not for personal use, including homework. Surfing the internet while working the desk is not allowed unless using work-related sites.


We have noticed that a lot of non-work related surfing is happening at the Annex desk, instead of projects and in some cases instead of the returns work. This is unacceptable.

Here is our proposal: While, we have blocked social networking sites from the computer, we have yet to restrict access to non-library sites completely. If everyone refrains from surfing, except during the last 5 minutes of their shift, we will leave the sites open.  This means that the browsing history must NOT be cleared, in order for us to verify computer use. If we find that the browsing history gets cleared, or that people are surfing outside of the last five minutes of their shifts, we will not hesitate to remove access to all non-Library sites.


While the Annex may be slow at times there are things that need to get done. Those tasks may seem tedious or irrelevant, but they are important. As always the top priority at the desk is helping patrons. After that is processing of Annex returns, when those are complete please work on the following: bound periodical check-ins, Annex search project, TR maintenance, and then the Annex inventory project. If you have not been shown how to do any of these tasks please ask a supervisor. Google Talk has been installed at the desk to make it so you can get a hold of any one of us. Our numbers are also posted by the phone. Please check in with us at any point during your shift if it is unclear what you should be doing.

Weather and the Libraries

A note from Wendy Lougee.....

Now that winter is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to share the official communication procedures of the University of Minnesota and the University Libraries during inclement weather.Libraries staff should listen to WCCO Radio (830 AM) for official University closing information. Details also will be posted on the University's website home page: 

In the event the University Twin Cities campus does close for weather-related or other events, University administration will send an email to all Twin Cities faculty, staff, and students with details about the closing. The University Librarian's main phone number (612-624-4520) will have a voice-mail message repeating the official closing information.
Staff who work weekend and evening shifts should call the University Librarian's main number (612-624-4520) if they believe the University may be closed or closing on the day of their shift. 

The university also has a text-messaging system (TXT-U) which sends text message alerts to individual's cell phones.  This is a subscription service. To learn more about the system and/or sign up for alerts, go to  If you have any questions about communications procedures, please speak with your supervisor.

Backdating Returns

When working in the Book Return in the morning, remember to backdate the returns to 4:30 pm the previous day. If you are unsure how to backdate returns please ask a supervisor.
All students please comment that you have read this post.

Thrifty Holidays Forum

From the UThink Blogs main page.....

Participate in the Thrifty Holidays Forum!
Thrifty Holidays, a collaborative effort between The Office of Human Resources and UThink, is a new site for University faculty, staff, and students to share cost-saving ideas for holiday traditions, cultural celebrations, family celebrations, and more. It is also our first attempt at creating a site that everyone at the University has access to. If you have an inexpensive tradition, celebration, or activity you think others would enjoy, please share it with us at the Thrifty Holidays Forum!

December WOW Award

It is time once again to announce the Wow Award recipient. The Wow Award is given out every other month to a student in CRSS who stands out to the supervisors because of their dedication, initiative or simply because they did something great.

The recipient of the December Wow Award is Charles.
Charles has picked up hours over the weekends when ever we are in need. He has provided us with a great deal of feedback on tasks and always handles task professionally, accurately and speedily (yes, this is actually a word).
Mister Conscientious