Wednesday Night

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Just writing this as events occur throughout the night.  It's been pretty busy so we'll see how much I get to write.


*THE PRESIDENT'S VISIT SPURS INTEREST IN GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS.  3 separate times I was requested to guide patrons to their books hidden amongst the confusion that is our beloved Gov. Pubs.


*USB SCANNERS ARE THE NEW WALMART.  In an effort to fight the economic downturn and avoid the .17 cent/copy costs, several patrons requested assistance with the USB scanner across from the basement desk.  Several comments about being cheaper to print than to copy were made, a point I don't myself understand.  Have we been lied to about toner costs all these years? 


*UNPICKED UP COPY JOBS ARE A POTENTIAL DNAGER TO BASEMENT EXIT STAFF.  I noticed a copy job with a note about price and "will pick up when completed."  I am just hoping the person who is supposed to be coming back does not do so while I am at the desk.  I do not relish the idea of telling a customer their copies are right here, but you can't have them.  Any thoughts...?


*NEVER TRUST A PRETTY FACE.  So there is a patron working within view of the desk, and he approached and asked me to keep an eye on his stuff while he went to the bathroom.  I know that we cannot hold on to bags and stuff for people, and I told him I can't be held liable for anything, but I wouldn't let anyone walk off with it.  I guess I am just a trustworthy looking guy, but if there is any policy on this or any tips anyone has as to how to handle these situations I would appreciate it.

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Hi Matt,

The reason copies are more expensive than prints is a simple (or rather, complex) matter of cost recovery: the toner for copiers is more expensive, as is the maintenance agreement for the larger number of machines.

As for that copy request -- my students are normally supposed to bring any "leftover" requests back to Room 2 when the copy service closes, but it looks like someone forgot last Wednesday. The patron who dropped off that particular request has not responded to my three voice mails, and so we will be discarding it if we don't hear from him by Friday. If someone does stop by to pick up a copy request "after hours" (i.e. after 4:30 on weekdays, or after 5 on Sundays), your best practice is to politely tell them that you can't access the copies or accept payment when the copy service is closed, and let them know the hours when the service is open. If they raise a fuss you can give them my contact information (alas I don't have a business card yet).