Extra! Extra!

October 5, 2010

The 1st LC section in the Annex is not working. Repair has been contacted, but it is not known when they can make it in.

If a patron comes in wanting an item in Quarto or Octavo A-J406 .H24, please have them write down their contact information and the item they are looking for. Tell them that it may be a couple of days before we are able to get the items to them.


This page will give updates of temporary information related to working for CRSS. For example it may list that plastic has been put up on the fourth floor in the 813's due to a leak, or  that the movable shelving in the R-Z portion of the periodicals in the annex are not working properly and that the override is needed to move the sections. We will be putting the date along with the information and will provide updates.