Riding off into the sunset

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Today we say a fond farewell to the blog. The blog will no longer be updated. Remember to check for any new information on our Moodle site.


A tour of the Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) will be this Friday November 5th from 1:00 to 2:00. MLAC is a high density storage facility for Minnesota academic, public and governmental libraries. It is located 82 feet underground in a large 600 foot cavern carved out underneath the University of Minnesota's West Bank Campus. The facility currently has over 1,357,000 volumes!

This tour is not mandatory, but we encourage you to go (it will be really interesting!). You will be paid for attending, so if you are scheduled to work during this time feel free to join in on the fun. We will meet at 12:45 on the 5th in the book return room then head on over there as a group.

I'll put a sign up sheet for it in the book return room next to the shelving stats, so if you are interested in going please sign up.


Hi Everyone,
As of November 5th, we will be switching from the blog to a Moodle site. The Moodle site has many of the same features that the blog had, but with the ability to keep all information secure from outside users. We ask that you take a look at the Moodle site during the next week.  To sign in all you have to do is login here: https://moodle.umn.edu/course/view.php?id=13117

We will be having a Mandatory hour long meeting on Friday November 5th at 10am in S30B to go over the site and expectations for using Moodle.


Come in for a Bite

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Weekend Update

Due to change of Presidential visit venue, Walter Library and the Mathematics Library WILL be open usual hours on Saturday, October 23rd, but the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library will be closed.

Turn Around Time

Hello Everyone!

Starting this Saturday October 23rd to Saturday October 30th we will be keeping track of how long it takes for items to reach the shelves after they have been checked in. To do this, please write the time and date you finish shelving a truck on the colored shelving slips that are either taped or in the pockets on the brown trucks. Place these slips in the same tray as the shelving slips. Remember to always take the oldest truck first for your assigned floor.

Also, when checking items in the book return room please remember to write the start date and time whenever you begin a new truck. Do not write the start date and time on a slip until you actually put books onto a truck.

Thanks! And let a supervisor know if you have questions.

Wednesday Night

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Walter and Mathematics Libraries Closed Saturday 10/23

Walter Library and the Mathematics Library will be closed this Saturday due to the visit of President Obama. Information about the presidents visit can be found here.

Friday's Training

Hello Everyone!

It was great to see such a nice turn out at the training session last Friday, and I really appreciate all the participation from you. I would love feedback from you about it, so that in the future we can make it even better!

If you want to leave a comment here (feel free to post anonymously) either here or to the Student Feedback tab, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you had about the session.

Please feel free to be honest, but remember that constructive criticism is the most useful (in other words telling me that my sweater was ugly isn't really the kind of feedback I'm looking for).


Student Recognition Planning Group

The newly formed Student Recognition Planning Group is looking for student members to help plan events for this school year. Take a look at the flyer here, if interested in joining please talk to Becky.