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Secure Recycling @ Circ Desk

The cardboard recycle boxes have been replaced by a black plastic recycle bin under the desk at the second station. More plastic bins are on the way. For now, use the second station recycle bin to stash away patron hold slips. When working at the desk if you notice this bin being full and if the desk is slow enough, please empty this bin into the locked secure recycling bin. The bin is now located to the right of the paper supply, across from Elena's desk

Hold Shelf Books

Recently a comment was posted on the Student Feedback page about books for the hold shelf not being shelved in down time at the Circulation Desk. In the down time at the Circulation desk please make sure to check and see if there are any hold shelf books that need to be shelved before doing anything like reading a book or looking at websites.

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Be on the lookout for Orange Tape!!

When returning items at the Circulation desk, please watch out for the Orange taped spines of the Reserve materials. A couple of times this week, some of these materials have been found on the trucks for the Book Return. Please reshelve all Reserve materials as soon as possible after they have been returned.

When shelving in the stacks or working in the Book Return, also be on the lookout for orange tape. If you find any reserve materials, please bring them to the Circulation desk.

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New FAQ's added

Two new FAQ's have been added in the FAQ tab. One is for Reserves information and the other is for Interlibrary Loan(ILL) information. Both of these FAQ's can come in handy when working at the Circulation Desk.

Update: Another FAQ has been added. This one is for Illiad Web Circulation.