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Annex Desk Computer Policy

We would like to remind all of you about the computer policy as outlined in the CRSS Work Rules and Standards. Office and desk PCs, printers, copiers and fax machines are not for personal use, including homework. Surfing the internet while working the desk is not allowed unless using work-related sites.


We have noticed that a lot of non-work related surfing is happening at the Annex desk, instead of projects and in some cases instead of the returns work. This is unacceptable.

Here is our proposal: While, we have blocked social networking sites from the computer, we have yet to restrict access to non-library sites completely. If everyone refrains from surfing, except during the last 5 minutes of their shift, we will leave the sites open.  This means that the browsing history must NOT be cleared, in order for us to verify computer use. If we find that the browsing history gets cleared, or that people are surfing outside of the last five minutes of their shifts, we will not hesitate to remove access to all non-Library sites.


While the Annex may be slow at times there are things that need to get done. Those tasks may seem tedious or irrelevant, but they are important. As always the top priority at the desk is helping patrons. After that is processing of Annex returns, when those are complete please work on the following: bound periodical check-ins, Annex search project, TR maintenance, and then the Annex inventory project. If you have not been shown how to do any of these tasks please ask a supervisor. Google Talk has been installed at the desk to make it so you can get a hold of any one of us. Our numbers are also posted by the phone. Please check in with us at any point during your shift if it is unclear what you should be doing.

Annex, Ames, and East Asian openings, and closings

The East Asian library will now close at 4pm on Fridays. Monday through Friday starting Monday, July 20th through the end of the Summer, the Ames library, and the East Asian library should be opened, and closed at the same time as the Annex.