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Sunday Night SHift

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Saturday Shift

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Sunday Afternoon Recap

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Today was a normal Sunday at the Periodical Info Desk with questions on finding journals, printing, and other everyday questions. Overall everyone seemed to be on task with their designated shifts, and almost everyone checked in with me to let me know they were here. There was nothing out of the ordinary besides many high school kids coming in and asking to be logged in so they could work on a "project." I still have trouble deciding whether or not they are lying or really have a project but for the most part I log them in.

Saturday 09/27/2008

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Hi All!
Smooth sailing today. Pick-up, deliveries, and computer cleaning were all completed, and there were three searches, none of which I found. I moved two trucks from first floor, and I think that about sums it up! Thanks!

Welcome to the CRSS Lead Worker Blog!

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Hello Lead Workers-

Use this blog to keep us in the loop about weekend happenings so the CRSS blog won't get too cluttered.



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