Wednesday Night


Wednesday night turned out to be an interesting shift. To start off the evening I helped Elena file an incident report when a patron (a regular who often comes in to get on the computers) walked into the reserve office a little after 6. He was apparently surprised to see Elena there, and started asking where the bus stop was. However, there were plenty of people he could have asked in the coffee shop area and at the basement exit, and he was acting very suspiciously when Elena escorted him to point the way to the bus stop, turning to look over his shoulder every couple seconds. So we filed an incident report. Maybe we want to make another general post on the blog about watching for people who don't appear to be staff trying to enter staff areas, just so people know its still been happening.

Another issue occured with all of the microfilm scanners. A patron came up needing help with a machine in the newspaper room. This particular machine (the one on the left) isn't lighting up even when you push the green button, so maybe the button is broken or the light is burnt out. Then, when I showed him to one of the other machines, none of them allowed him to work with the images. They are giving an error message whenever you try to email or put the images on a thumbdrive. This is happening on every machine in the periodical room, and I was not able to figure out what the problem was.

The valuport was all out of gopher gold cards, so I ended up letting one patron who didn't have a U card use a courtesy card to print a couple pages because he was not familiar with the Blegen tunnel area where the nearest machine is located.

Other than that, I had some questions on locations of books and where to check out headphones, and the last hour or so was fairly quiet.


Hi Jessica,

I fixed the light on the scanner. If that happens again, leave me a note so I can replace the bulb.
Not sure what the other problem with the scanners. Sometime if you shut down and restart it will clear up the machine.

Usually, if the patron is getting an error whenever they try to email or save images, it's because they've forgotten the "Add Image to Folder" step. In these cases, they will get a "File not found" error when trying to save to disc. When emailing, they will get a lengthier message saying "There has been an error sending this message." Just show the patron the handy schematic, and make sure they are clicking "Add Image to Folder" before trying to email or save. All the machines are now working correctly, so my guess is this is what may have been happening Wednesday night.

Thanks for the responses so far. When I was trying to help the patron with the mfilm machines, I did look to see if he was adding the image to the folder. At first he wasn't, and so I also thought that was the issue. But even when he did add it to the folder, and even after he switched computers, it was still coming up with that error message.

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