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Saturday was extremely busy, as there were at least ten patrons waiting for me to open this morning and people came flocking in after that. There were at least seven or eight requests for Friends and special borrowing privileges, some of which I could do and some where the patron didn't have the money or the documentation they needed.

When I came in in the morning, to the side of the reference desk and right in front of the gate was a clear floor mat, just lying there spike side up. We figure facilities management might have moved it there during the night, as a fan was blowing on some items behind the reference desk, but Katie just moved it back behind the desk so patrons wouldn't step on it.

Right as my shift was ending, a patron came in looking for items in the lost and found. He's been around before: he's tall, black, older (maybe about 50), missing some teeth in front, and he's very hard to understand, because he's always slurring his speech. He comes in looking for lost and found items that don't belong to him and then sits at the desk talking for long periods of time. Today I had Chris help me with him because there were tons of other patrons to help, and this guy was drunk. So Chris called security and I believe the man left before they arrived.

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