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Oh my goodness. Why do I fail so much at technology? I created a blog. Accidentally. I've deleted it now, but what a dumb thing to do. I guess I was thinking the blog change resulted in a layout change? And I got confused and clicked "Create Blog"? I called it "Sunday". You may commence laughing at me...NOW.

Down to business: the night has been extremely quiet. A young boy came in during the first hour of my desk shift and asked the security monitor if he could be logged into the computers. The security monitor asked me if I could do that, and I couldn't bring myself to say no. The boy was too sweet, and my heart is so soft. Forgive me. Everything else was fairly uneventful. A woman needed help with the Valuport. A man asked if the new printer was working before he tried using it (new equipment apprehension?) It was working just fine. A woman's phone started ringing. Everyone thought it would be answered, but it kept ringing. The security monitor went over to investigate...turns out she was listening to music so loudly, she didn't hear it ringing. The security monitor spoke with her briefly. What he said, I don't know, but I appreciated his quick intervention.

The end! This week was considerably less chaotic...and consequently, less verbose!

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