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When I went to punch in, it was apparent that some measures had been taken to manage a ceiling leak. This does not so much apply to me as it does to Allison, who had to deal with it immediately after she punched in for her shift. She mentioned that the leak originated from the 2nd floor men's room, that it was now all taken care of, and no books had been harmed during the ordeal.

A man asked how color printing works. I was able to tell him what the cost is, but I wasn't entirely sure how the process works. Are only certain printers capable of color printing? What about the new printer in the basement? I plead forgiveness for my lack of technical knowledge, and would humbly ask for more training on the subject of "Useful Technological Skills Within The Library". At any rate, I directed the patron to the Circulation Desk for better information.

Also, many many many people asked for me to make change for them so they could put smaller bills into the Value Port. I Desk Track'd every request.

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Hi Amy,

For now, the best bet for color printing is to use the printer in the Smart Commons. Patrons can send color printing requests to that printer from anywhere in the library: they just have to select "Wilson-SLC_Color" from the options on the printer drop-down menu. Cost is $1.00 per page.

One thing to remember is this rate per page applies to the entire print job -- so if a patron only wants one page to print in color, and the rest in black and white, they should send that color page as a separate individual job. Otherwise they will be charged $1/page for the entire request, even the B&W pages. (We've had patrons demand refunds for this sort of mistake in the past.)

The Uniprint in the basement will *scan* in color, but color printing has been disabled on it.

Very best, Mark

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