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My Sunday shift had a pretty eventful beginning. A few minutes after I opened the library, a man came up to two security guards that were standing at the desk that's by the 1st floor circ desk. Most of the student workers would probably recognize him; he's the bald guy that can almost always be found at the table by the theses up on the 3rd floor. He started telling them about how he was being attacked by the government and wanted to know if they had any suggestions on how to make it stop. He told them that the US government implanted nano technology in him 17 years ago and that they've been using it to attack him ever since. When they said they didn't know how to help him, he asked if they knew of anyone that could. One of the security guards suggested that if he may want to speak to the police. This man then went back upstairs, only to come back downstairs a few moments later to tell the security guard that he was calling the police. He used the pay phone to call them, and had a rather vocal argument with however was on the phone, and he then told the person that they should send someone over to talk to him.
A few minutes later, a police car pulled up by the front doors, and the man was out there talking to them for 10 to 15 minutes. He then came back into the library, went upstairs, came back to the 1st floor and asked me for a letter opener because he needed to open a letter from the White House, and then disappeared back upstairs. All of this took place during the first half hour the library was open.
I didn't hear or see anything from him for the rest of my shift. I let Charles and Cade know what happened so they would know to be a little extra cautious around this guy if he was still in the library. I also let Amy know when she got here for her shift.
Other than this, everything at the library was normal and low key. A few people needed to pay fines and a few people needed help locating books, and there was a pretty steady amount of people coming up to the circ desk until around 5pm when it got pretty quiet.

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