Thursday 11/19/09

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Interesting start to the night: Tim came down and told me that there was someone who had set up a little nap spot int he middle of the stacks.  He was looking for a security monitor but there was none downstairs so I sent him up by Circulation to check with the monitors up there.  I was told later it got taken care of.

Had another adventure in gov pubs, (3 weeks in a row i'm starting to suspect a conspiracy) , patron came with a call number but I could not find it in mncat so we went into the collection and found a the right documents by name, but they were not the droids (states) he was looking for :(.

Another incident involving security monitors was someone possibly entering the library without a bag, but leaving with one.  I wasn't clear on exactly what happened, but I think they were trying to determine if he had stolen a bag.  I told them I remember the patron but not whether or not he had a bag with him when he walked past. 

Finishing up the night again included the security monitors.  A couple of younger patrons asked to log in, they had backpacks and papers, but after I logged them in they put the papers away.  The library was not busy so I didn't push it, but mentioned it to the monitors and as I am writing this they have not done anything yet, but they are keeping an eye on them so I don't know what's going to happen.  If we log a patron on as a guest, should we ask them to move upstairs after we leave?

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