Thursday Night 2/4/10

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Had the whole gambit of questions tonight: Restrooms, hours, change, book locations, etc...  It wasn't too busy tonight though. 

I did end up filing an incident report when a patron came down and asked to be logged into a computer.  He claimed he had been sent down here from the main floor, but when I Google Talked with reference they said they never sent anyone down.  I decided to send him upstairs to be signed in by reference and he seemed rather upset that he apparently had to go back upstairs.  He did not raise his voice at me, but he obviously did not want to go upstairs to ask.  That is all I saw, but later I was told by a security monitor that when he got upstairs he "made a big scene" and left the building.  I didn't even think to file a report until I heard this so I figured it could be helpful to have it on record if upstairs also filed a report.

Aside from that, nothing else of note went down here at the basement exit.

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