March 7th Evening Shift & Basement Exit

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Today was a full of little problems from the beginning of my shift.  When I first arrived Charles informed me of a scheduling problem he had when he first arrived. Apparently the schedule reflected that a full time staff member was scheduled to work this morning, but no one showed up.  Charles did a great job of making changes on the schedule before I got here, and then we had everything covered until 6 until Robert took over. One small change we made was having Charles stay at the circ desk from 5:30-6pm instead of giving me a break since we didn't have other students who were desk trained.  Instead Megan relieved me for my break from the basement exit and everything worked out fine.
The next problem occurred when I arrived at the basement exit as the regular computer we use was malfunctioning with both Aleph Circulation and the Internet. The girls here before me thought the internet was probably the problem for Aleph not working, so instead I just hopped over to the other computer located my the security monitor and it worked fine.
Overall I did not encounter very many questions at the Basement exit and most of them were regarding where things were located in the library or how to use the value port.

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