Saturday (The Walter Experience)

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Saturday at the library began as usual. But, around 12:30, I was shelving and Katie found me in the stacks to let me know her, Arnold, and Megan were going over to Walter because their Foundation level flooded, and they needed help moving a huge amount of books.

I spent the next few hours in the Annex, achieving the satisfying accomplishment of finishing the TR inventory. When Katie stopped by so I could take my break, she told me they were still working on moving books in Walter and if I wanted to, I could head over there after the Annex closed to help out.

I got to Walter a little after 5, and made my way to the Foundation level. The floor was noticeably wet, and there were quite a few people working down there, some from Walter and some not. They had teams of three working in various sections to move books to all different locations throughout Walter. All of the books on the bottom row of shelving were being moved. There were also people marking the areas of the wall that were water damaged.

I hopped on Katie's team since they only had two people and started to help transport books. When it was nearing 6pm, a few people started talking about how the Walter elevators shut down when the library closes at 6. In order to prevent that from happening, the elevators would need some sort of reprogramming, and there was no one available to do it. So, the only way to use the elevator to transport books was to go with someone that had a U Card that worked in Walter or for someone to lend you their U Card if you didn't have one.

I had an internship meeting at 7:30, so I could only stay until 7. When I left, there were still a lot of people still working on shifting books. Katie and Arnold (who had been at Wilson since around 11) were still working too.

It was a much more interesting day than I thought it would be. I was talking to a security monitor yesterday, and he said Smith Hall had some flooding issues as well. It turned into a pretty long work day for some of us, so awesome job everyone for being willing to help out!

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