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the day went pretty smoothly except for one incident.
I was at the circulation desk when a female patron came to the security guard telling him a man had stolen her wallet. the man was still in the building and while the woman was talking to the security guard the man tried to exit the building. the security guard confronted the man asking to look in his bag for the wallet. the man refused and was getting angry. the security guard told him he couldn't leave until the bag was checked and said he was going to call the police. the man bolted for the door and the security guard and woman chased him and stopped him from leaving the building. during this i called the police. other security guards came and the man ran down the stairs to the basement. the police arrived shortly after caught the man and took him out the building. the wallet was returned. i don't know what happened when they ran down to the basement or how far he got. i filed an incident report and the rest of the day went on smoothly.

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