Saturday Afternoon/Closing

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Today was fairly quiet. Megan had arranged for the day off, and Khou was not here (possibly confusion about the Summer break schedule change?), so it was just Katie, Jessica, and myself.

A few things of note:

Right as I was opening, a patron complained to the security monitors that the basement doors should be unlocked/open (I'm not sure whether he was referring to the tunnel doors or the doors into the actual library). One of the monitors used the desk phone to contact HQ and double-check the door status. I believe they resolved the issue.

Also, shortly after Katie left, a patron tried to check out some items using her Friends of the Library card. Though scanning the card did display her name in Aleph, it resulted in an error message about not finding local patron information, or something to that effect, and it wouldn't let me check out books to her. She noted that she had gotten the card very recently, so maybe that was the issue. I ended up using the offline circulation system to check out the books to her; I took down her information and the call numbers/bar codes of the books so that we can resolve the problem once someone with more expertise in these sorts of errors is in.

UPDATE: On Sunday I asked Jessica if she was familiar with the error. After checking the patron record in Aleph, we hypothesized that some of the information fields (namely, those dealing with expiration and issue dates) weren't filled out when the card was issued. I left a note for Ji detailing the problem and the patron's information.

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