Sunday! Part Deux

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As Jessica said, today was generally fairly quiet. A few things of note during my desk tenure:

-A patron complained of a smell in the SMART learning commons. She seemed to be under the impression that there was a dead rat in the ventilation system. I talked to the security monitors and they said it was just the normal occasional sewer smell that gets into the building.

-A patron wanted to borrow headphones, but he did not have a U-card or other borrowing privileges. He said that Jessica had checked some out to him earlier in the day by simply taking down his last name or something, so I called her on the radio to see what the story was. She had not, in fact, checked out headphones to him, so we turned him away from the desk headphone-less.

Other than that, things were pretty normal, except for the unusually large number of inquiries, both by telephone and in person, regarding the Library hours for today and tomorrow.

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