Wendesday Night

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Busy, busy, busy... at least for the first couple hours.  Taking over for Brent who said it was busy for him also, the trend continued through till about 7:30/8:00.

Mostly it was the run of the mill questions but a few things I thought worth noting...

*As the semester draws to a close, more people need to print more things.  The issue of making change has become an even larger problem than it was before.  Apparently the Dunn Bros. is no longer supposed to make change for people, so that eliminates anywhere for patrons to get change after the copy center closes.  Not only splitting bills down, but also dealing with people with change already.  Several patrons have the coins to print, but we have to tell them they can't print their papers because the Value Port doesn't take coins.  I know this has been a problem and I guess the UCard office is just going to suck it up, but this is a constant issue and cause for frustration with patrons.  Posts have been made concerning this on the moodle site under student feedback.

*VCR Room Key.  A patron had checked out the VCR room when I took over the desk, and came back to renew it.  I asked Becky the policy on the key after we leave the desk at 9.  She said that the key does not circulate after 9pm, however when the patron renewed the key, it said the due time was 9:42pm.  I told him it was due back at 9, but this seems to me to be a potential point of confusion.  What is the official policy on this, and if we say it can't be check out after 9, can we change the record in ALEPH to reflect this?

*The police were called by the security monitors tonight...which reminds me I should fill out an incident report...about the patron with the two little girls who hang out here many nights of the week.  The patron has been leaving the building to take smoke breaks, etc... and leaves the children unattended.  While this is not usually a large issue, as finals approach, more patrons will be needing the space to study and the girls are not always quiet.  The officers came and talked to the father and informed him that he needed to be present and supervising his daughters at all times.  The security monitors working this evening will probably be on the lookout for this in the future.

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