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Tonight started out fairly busy and then seemed to sort of taper off toward the last hour.  I had multiple questions on printing, and finding the restroom.  The majority of patrons wanted me to log them in as guests.  I did encounter two individuals who informed me of issues with the new log-in system.  Both individuals complained that they had been logged in under their x500 and then had logged out as they were supposed to.  When they returned to log in again the system told them that they were still currently logged in.  They tried multiple computers, but it gave the same result.  I ended up just logging them in as guests, but I am not sure why the system would recognize them as being logged in if they had previously logged out.  Otherwise everything seemed to go just fine.

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Hi Brent,

If possible, definitely collect as much information as you can from these x500 users with hung accounts -- their x500, which workstation they successfully logged out of, the time they logged out (approximately), what workstations they were attempting to log into.

It's also worth noting that the CybraryN software is not installed on the Smart Learning Commons workstations, so some patrons may have successfully logged in and logged out there, while still having a hung account at a public workstation elsewhere (if they used one as well).

Also, as an alternative to logging these x500 users (with hung accounts) as guests, you can suggest that they use the Smart Commons workstations: they should be able to log in there with no problems.

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