Saturday January 21st, 2012

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Opening went smoothly; I had a few questions about the third terminal computer and the emergency door but Danika was able to help me out when she arrived at noon. I had to change the schedule a couple of times: there was no one scheduled to open the Annex at 1pm so I assigned the shift to Tim in order to get it open and running, Ryan Trevena was not at work today (I checked for messages and there were none so I'm assuming he forgot to check weekends for the new schedule this semester?), and with Ryan out I assigned the circ truck to Itachi because it was getting full. Other than those minor set-backs everything went well. At 3pm I was supposed to work on the S33 project, but I know that the project details have changed since I got back from Winter Break, so after I couldn't find directions for it I assigned myself to shelfreading. And that's about it for this, another lovely weekend shift at Wilson Library!

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