Sunday February 12

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Everything has been pretty quiet today.  I rearranged schedules to include shelf-sweeping, black-ops, and more shelf-reading (including bounds).  Additionally, for some reason Jamie did not have a scheduled break, so I gave her one from 4:00pm to 4:30pm. 

Other than that I noticed a few odd things in the stacks during pick up: 
A mfilm was found broken, with a portion of the reel still in the machine,  it has been removed and placed on the problems shelf
There are no paper towels with the water for cleaning up spills.

One of the signs in a quiet study area on the 2nd floor had "Please specify No Laptop using unless for reading etc." written on it.  I'm not entirely sure what the issue that inspired this note is; possibly listening to music on the laptop.  I removed the sign (it is on Pat's desk).

On the 4th floor in the little room on the right of the study room, the AT&T plug in has been unscrewed,  (it is underneath the desk).  I mentioned this to Charles and he sent out an email.

I noticed an unattended laptop on the 3rd floor, fortunately someone came back and started working on it a few minutes later, but I think it would be worthwhile to make the signs for the tables that someone mentioned last year.

Finally,  Jamie finished the Black Ops 2nd Wave 3rd floor.  The folder is also on Pat's Desk.

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