Sunday April 1, 2012

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As on any Sunday, today at the library was quiet. Jeff opened, taking the circ desk for the first three hours. Then I replaced him for the last three.  Pickup was completed in the first hour, and I worked with Jamie on Book Return.  Afterwards we mainly encountered maintenance tasks.  I scheduled Jamie, Molly, and myself for shifts in Black Ops and  Shelf-Reading, after discovering that the 2nd floor shift was complete.

Sadly, during my SR I found that the majority of the 879 supercutters were shelved after the 879.1 through 879.9...'s.  So, it will take a while to rearrange them.  Perhaps the plain supercutters (example 879A  or 586D)  should be considered for reclassing after the 87's and 88's.

I also had some issues with a patron who insisted that an item be put on hold so that he could pick it up in 30 min.  After repeatedly explaining that it would probably take at least a few days for a hold request to be processed and ready to pick up, and that perhaps he should go find it in the stacks; I put the item on hold for him.  He then said he would be in in 30 min. to pick it up.  I told him it wouldn't be ready and that he would receive an email when it was. To which he replied he would retrieve it from the shelf.  I told him that would not be a problem and to have a nice day.  (Does anyone ever listen?)  Sigh  Bye the way, this was over the phone.

On a lighter note, I found an old truck slip in the stacks, it looks like it may have been part of a week in which the time required to shelve the trucks was recorded.  I don't think anyone really needs it anymore, but I though it was amusing so I put it on Pat's desk.

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