Sunday April 8, 2012

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Jamie did not show up for her shift today, or call to say that she would be unable to come.  I updated all of her shifts to "Other" and colored them fuschia.  I also let Charles know, and he attempted to contact her.  He was unable to do so, and sent out an email to Pat, Becky, and Jessica. 

Molly and I were able to handle everything; fortunately it was very quiet.  In fact, I was able to finish my little SR shift, and have finally moved forward.  Yeah!!  Pickup pushed in to the next hour, but not by long.  Otherwise, we focused on maintanence and shelving.  The when-to-work schedule has been updated to show our actual activities.  (I did switch our breaks around a bit so that someone would always have the radio, and I could take my desk shift.)

The elevator was acting up agian; Molly told me it was stuck on the fourth floor.  It was working agian by the time I went to check on it.

Finally, there are a few items on Pat's desk:  a pamphlet from James Ford Bell and an edition of Lavender Magazine.  I wasn't sure what to do with the pamphlet.  The magazine may or may not belong to the library.  I didn't know how to check (assuming that someone may have forgotten to mark it) if it did.  So, I left it on Pat's desk.  If it doesn't it can probably go in the lost and found.


Happy Easter!

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