Sunday May 13, 2012

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Although there are few patrons and therefore little patron activity, there is a lot of shelving.  As such I have eliminated most of the maintenance tasks from the schedule, but it still seems unlikely that we will finish all of the shelving.

On another note I have not been able to log in to aleph at all today.  I have tried all three usernames:

I have also tried both the old password and the new password in each account. Perhaps I remembered the new password incorrectly.
So, I'm currently using Charles' aleph account at the circ desk.  As such I would like to note that I overrode a block.  The patrons' account was expiring in a few days, but he was planning on renewing it.  So, I allowed him to check out his items, and I gave him the number for borrowing privileges and fines.  Note:  the patron was not a student.

Well that is all for now.

Yes!  We finished the shelving!

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