Sunday May 6, 2012

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Hooray, I arrived at work 15 minutes early today, no I didn't clock in right away.  I will admit, I kinda panicked a bit when I saw someone walking into the library in front of me.  my thought process was something along the lines of: 

oh no I'm late agian  How could I be late?  I was at the parking garage early.  Did I really walk that slowly.  Oh no the gate is open too.  I must be late.  Sigh  Wait, that clock says 11:45.  Are the clocks wrong?  Is my car clock wrong?  No the other clock has the same time.  Why is the library open 15 minutes early?  what is going on .........  Oh wait it's finals week.


At any rate after I calmed down a bit I clocked in and got to work.

Pickup went well; it was finished in the first hour.  Then we went into shelving and maintenance.  After cleaning the computers (by the way, it was my first time so, I had to ask Charles what I was supposed to do and where the supplies were and Molly clarified once we got to work), molly began shelving, but the items I was supposed to be shelving were already taken care of  by Jeff.  So, I made room for and shelved the truck of "newbooks" on the 2nd floor that hadn't fit.  I finished that after 2 instead of working on shelf-reading. 

After that I went on break, then at 3 to the circ desk.  By this time I had noticed that there was a half an hour period during which no one had the radio.  I asked Molly to give it to me at the circ desk when she went on break and pick it up when she was done.  In the future, we should probably take our breaks during the same hour, and take turn with the radio.

The circ desk was quiet.  Maybe 5 or 6 people came up during the whole our.

I started laptop shelf-reading immeadiately after finishing the circ truck.  I just wanted to make sure there would be time to finish.  It was a good thing I did, I needed the extra time. 

I did not get to shelve the periodicals, I typed this blog instead.


Oh, gate counts and turn around time slips have appeared to been taken care of correctly during the course of this shift.


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