Sunday, July 1, 2012

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So, within the first hour today a few unusual things happened.  The first was that I actually got a call on the radio.  A man needed a brief tutorial of the microfilm machines, as he had never used them in our library before.  Second, Matt noticed that the SE corner of the third floor did not have the lights on.  I attempted to just turn them on using the switches on the first floor, it didn't work.  So, I informed Charles and asked if he had any suggestions.  He didn't other than trying to find the switches upstairs.  We found and tried the switches in the work area on the third floor; nothing happened.  I did not see any other switches so we couldn't do anything.  I believe that Charles informed Barb.

As usual the fourth floor lights were not all on.  Fortunately, I now know how to turn them on and that was an easy fix.

Okay, in the second hour Ben received a radio call to help the same man with the microfilm scanners.  Unfortunately he has not been trained on them yet. Perhaps he and Matt can be trained on them soon. He asked me to help the patron.  I went down and helped, it took a while and I therefore continued laptop shelf-reading in the next hour until my break.  I then had to recharge the laptop.  With any luck the last SRN will go smoothly, otherwise I will work on it during my last hour as well.

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