Sunday August 5, 2012

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So a few interesting things happened today.  Despite the low number of patrons, there were a surprising number of returns.  Second, while cleaning computers with Ben, I found what appears to be a power tool blade.  I put it in the lost and found in the box with the glasses toward the back.  Third, the lock box was not working for a while.  This may have been because I did not know that the password had been changed, and thought I had been punching it in incorrectly.  It is working now, but we thought that we should let you know.  Just in case the batteries are getting low.

Important:  In the process of sorting through a bunch of ILL items with a patron I accidentally marked an item In Transit rather than Check Out.  Then I couldn't check it out.  I wrote down the item number and some other information.  She has the item. 
Her name and barcode are:
Michell, Kalani          2UCSA1706305ZA2

The item number through ILL is 764619.  Can we contact ILL to fix this?

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