Monday, September 3rd

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First, the front doors did not unlock until a few minutes after I opened the building so I had to walk over and let people in a few times.  One patron, Jasper Hopkins, called Facilities Management before I noticed the problem.  However, the doors unlocked before I had a chance to call.

Second, the printing system in SMART was not working:  a patron swiped her card several times and nothing happened.

Other than that things have gone smoothly;  however, there have been far more patrons than usual who wanted to know if we had their textbooks and how to find class websites.  So I spent some time on myu, moodle, and the bookstore websites showing new students around.  I also got quite a bit of use out of the catalog.

Walter staff called to ask if a patron's fines could be waived.  The patron, Bacall McElroy,  was charged overdue fines for movies she had apparently never taken out.  The materials were found on the shelves by Walter staff and checked in. I left a note in Ji's mailbox, and recommended that the patron come over to Wilson Library to speak to borrowing privileges and fines during normal business hours.

On a side note when I first came in I noticed a truck of My Twin Cities campus holds in room 110.  I moved them to the shelf in room 180.  Later on, I read the note in the book return room about processing get its and returned the books to the truck.  However, there are a few additional items from earlier that I placed on the truck as well, because I couldn't remember which items had already been on the truck.

A patron came in to pick up his two holds. Only one was on the hold shelf.  I checked his account; both items were listed as being on hold at Wilson.  I double checked the hold shelf under the first, last, and middle names.  I couldn't find it.  It appears that the item was last checked in by Ji.  At any rate the barcode is 31951D028059547, and the call number JA85.2.U6 M375 2008. Hopefully we can find this item and re-notify the patron, Arthur Walzer.

Would it be possible to get training for ILL; I had a patron come up who wanted help requesting a textbook through ILL. I told him how he could create an account, but I've never used ILL so I couldn't do more than that.

Another patron informed me that none of the copiers on the 1st floor and basement are working.  She said they were charging to her account, but mis-feeding so nothing was actually copied.  The patron used each machine, including the one on the first floor twice.  Except one of the copiers in the basement was apparently on "hold" and would not allow her to swipe her card. Finally, she checked the item out to make copies elsewhere. **Patron found working copier upstairs.**

Thats all for now folks!

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