Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Back to good old quiet Sundays.

The main concern today was finding enough things for everyone to do.  There was very little shelving, and I didn't want to make everyone shelf-read for several hours in a row.  So, I trained Laura, Mason, Tessa, and Allison on Black Ops, which added a little variety.  I also inserted some pick-up into the schedule, because I though I had seen quite a bit upstairs.  There turned out not to be too much, oops!  Additionally, I ended up training Mason on SRing ahead of schedule, because there was no shelving for him and he wanted to know what he was supposed to do when the shelving is done.

The only other thing I noticed was a foul stench in the Women's first floor staff bathroom.  Obviously, I didn't check the mens restroom, but I did check to see if it was a simple matter of someone forgetting to flush.  It wasn't.  If the smell persists into tommorrow someone may want to look into it.

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