Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Well I don't know about the early afternoon shift, but there seemed to be plenty to do this evening!

Training went well with Laura, then I started book return.  So far, pretty typical Sunday. 

 BUT, there was already a Get-It Back-Up.  So when I finished book return I started processing Get-Its that were already in the book return.  In addition, because the searches had not been finished, I edited both Tessa's and mine shifts to finish Get-Its first for 6-7.  Sadly, we were unable to finish the searches.  However, we did get the majority.  I took the non-Wilson searches down to the basement to be processsed, and asked Mark to finish searches and process the items in the book return before starting the minimal shelving for fourth.  All seems to be going well now, but I must warn you that there is a considerable amount of material for internal deliveries--all other libraries.

Oh, I've also had Allison shelve on third, but only the LC call numbers.  And actually, we should probably start putting more paper/maps in the baskets & organizers during computer cleaning.  I had to restock a lot, and actually ran out of maps.

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