Sunday Night, October 14, 2012

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Well I haven't really noticed much tonight. The desk is quite slow giving me plenty of time to work on projects and write this post.  It appears that the Get-Its/Externals have been moved to the shipping room from the basement desk. So, everything is good to go.


Other than that Charles e-mailed me that the fourth floor lights had been turned off agian last night.  I performed closing last night, and did turn the lights off; however I did not turn off the fourth floor lights, I mean really they have caution tape all over them.  Even if no one had told me we weren't supposed to turn off the fourth floor lights, I'd be worried about getting electrocuted or something.  Charles and I discussed this, and if the issue continues over the following weekends we may want to determine just how the fourth floor lights are getting turned off.  Perhaps someone is flipping the switches outside the staff stairwell; I only suggest this because this is how I typically turned them back on last semester and over the summer.


Finally, in regards to the red flags; I worked on pulling the flags for about an hour and a half.  I copied the call number of any books that I reshelved, as well as any that had a note on the flag (not in database, outside SRN, reshelved, need to be remarked, ...).  After I finished I realized that it would be something of a mess to look over all of the red flags, so I transferred the information into a google spreadsheet, wich I shared with the supervisors.  I also browsed the call numbers in Aleph (and added this info to the spreadsheet).  Due to this I did not actually shelf-read after my break, instead I continued working on the spreadsheet.  However, I was pretty much finished befor my basement desk shift started.

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