Sunday Night, October 28, 2012

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So, I just think that you should all know: the computers were absolutely disgusting!  During the hour I had been assigned to clean the computers I was only able to complete the basement and the second floor; so rather than shelf-reading after my break I finished cleaning computers starting on third floor.  Okay, so it wasn't really the computers that were disgusting, although someone did decide to write on one of the towers, so I had to clean that off.  The real problem was the desks, and maybe the keyboards.  There were so many coffee rings!  And someone spilled a thick sticky substance all over one of the desks.  No joke that mess took a good 5-10 minutes to clean all by itself.  Plus, even the desks that looked clean left gray stains all over the wipes. Yuck!  Finally, a large number of the keyboards contained mass quantities of fingernails, food, and hair; which added to the mess on the desks after I shook the keyboards.  So, I'm wondering, can we get better signage about the availability of cleaning materials for spills.  Also can we start putting some paper towels in with the spray bottles so that patrons can wipe up their spills.  Or alternately, could we get some signs that say "please let staff know when spills occur."  Honestly, it doesn't really matter who cleans it, but it typically takes a lot less time to clean up a spill that hasn't yet had the opportunity to dry out than it takes to clean up a dried out spill.

Otherwise, my shift has been fairly uneventful.

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