Sunday 12/16/12

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Things started slowly today; during my four hour shift at the circ desk this morning I got very few patrons.  However, most of the patrons who called or came to the desk were interested in either public workstation access or library hours. 

Shortly after that though a different picture began to emerge:  the building is very full.  The patrons are just mainly sitting around and studying.  As you might think, there also appeared to be a considerable amount of pick-up although I did not personally perform that task.  Additionally, there were a considerable amount of returns for a Sunday (though not for finals week!).  So, it has actually been busy.

On a side note a patron came to me with issues involving the microfilm reader.  The microfilm reader (nearest to the ILL room) in the newspaper room is jamming or suddenly stopping when using the fast respooling button.  It is also making a loud grating noise while respooling.  Someone may want to look into it.

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