Saturday, July Thirteenth

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Today was a bit short staffed, but manageable. Nathan called in, so there were times the radio didn't have coverage. After processing get its, I didn't have time to clean computers. As far as I know, everything else on the schedule was able to be worked out.

Printers were down campus-wide most of the day so we had some displeased patrons.

During the first hour, Tessa and I had a patron who needed help with the new microfilm machines, but niether of us have received training.  Although we probably could have figured out most of the functions of the machines, there was another problem: the computers themselves had been logged off and no one knows the login information to get back into them.

This information should probably be known to student workers and weekend full time staff. Potentially, it could be taped to the bottom of the keyboard or put in the basement desk binder.

That's basically it!

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