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Carbon monoxide kills one, poisons seven others

Carbon monoxide exposure killed a 50-year-old woman and poisoned seven others in Frohn Township in Beltrami County.

According to the Star Tribune, 20-year-old Gary Jennings went home and found his family unconscious.

First responders on the scene found Colleen Jennings dead and three others, 57-year-old Vincent Beyl, 30-year-old Christopher Crew, and 24-year-old Emma Jennings were in poor condition.

The three of them were rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center.

Kare 11 reports that Crew is currently in critical condition and Jennings and Beyl are in satisfactory condition.

Gary Jennings and three deputies went to North Country Regional Hospital because of symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The deputies were treated and released and Jennings is in stable condition.

Young man in custody over murder

A 19-year-old St. Paul man was arrested on charges of killing a 17-year-old at the home of his former girlfriend.

WCCO reported that Phillip Elphage allegedly broke into the home of his former girlfriend at 12:07 a.m. and fatally stabbed her current boyfriend, 17-year-old Darius Maxwell.

The event took place on the 700 block of E. Maryland Avenue in St. Paul.

Investigators believe that the stabbing took place because Elphage was upset that his former girlfriend was dating someone else.

According to the Star Tribune, Elphage's former girlfriend obtained an order for protection against him in December 2009.

The Star Tribune also reports that the Elphage's Myspace.com page indicates that he has a young son from another relationship and that he attended Saint Paul College.

Elphage is currently being held in Ramsey County jail before his hearing.

Analysis: Leads in BBC Sudanese election story

The news elements present in the lead for this story are incorporating the news value of impact and conflict and answering the 'who', 'what', and even 'where' questions.

The lead is specific in the details of 'who' and 'where' but more general when it came to answering the 'what'. It was clear who the story involved and the titles they held and where the event was taking place but only gave a short, general description of what was going on. The reporter wrote the lead so the reader would have interest in the topic and would be intrigued to read the rest of the story.

Little time needed for Jury in case of abortion doctor killing

After taking only 37 minutes to deliberate, a jury has convicted the man who shot and killed a Wichita abortion doctor and he is now facing a sentence of life in prison.

Scott Roeder, a 51-year-old airport shuttle driver, killed Dr. George Tiller in the foyer of the church where he volunteered as an usher as well as assaulting two other ushers who tried to stop him from fleeing, which is something he was also convicted for.

According to Yahoo News, Roeder's attorneys wanted the charge to be lessened to voluntary manslaughter since Roeder believed the killing was going to save the lives of unborn children.

The judge disregarded this request.

Prosecutor Nola Foulston said that she wanted to make sure that Roeder would not be eligible for parole for 50 years, although the judge could determine that he would be eligible in 25.

The Star Tribune reported that as Roeder was on the witness stand, he admitted to everything and witnesses said that he lacked remorse when discussing his actions.

The Star Tribune also reported that Dr. Tiller was the victim of a number of attacks because of his profession, ranging from having his clinic firebombed in 1986 to being shot in both arms in 1993.

Under Kansas law, the abortions Dr. Tiller performed were legal as long as two unrelated doctors signed off on it, despite the fact that the procedures were late term.

Dr. Tiller's wife said that his clinic will now close for good.

Second man goes public with pregnancy

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A transgendered man has revealed his pregnancy to the world and has a due date scheduled for next month.

According to the Daily Mail, Scott Moore and his husband Thomas were both born female before undergoing surgery to change their genders.

The California couple, who are legally married because Scott still has a female birth certificate, already has two children aged ten and twelve from Thomas' previous relationship with a woman.

The Huffington Post reported that after the couple found out about the pregnancy, Moore said "We were so happy we did what all gay men do when they get excited -- we went shopping."

This situation is a reminder of when Thomas Beatie of Oregon announced that he was pregnant, becoming the first well-known pregnant man.

Scott and Thomas are planning on naming their baby Miles.

Sudan's former Prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi has entered the Sudanese election, challenging President Omar al-Bashir, the same man who ousted him from the position 20 years ago.

The AFP reported that Mahdi has held the position twice before, once in 1966-67 and again in 1986.

According to BBC News, a majority of the major Sudanese political figures have opted not to run against Bashir.

Mahdi's bid is influential because if he wins, it could jumpstart an end to the violence happening in Darfur as Mahdi said, "Darfur can be resolved if there is sufficient political will, if there is sufficient political leadership".

Bashir, currently wanted on an international arrest warrant for war crimes, denies that his government is responsible for the mass murders currently happening in Darfur.

BBC News reported that Bashir is widely anticipated to win the election.

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