Second man goes public with pregnancy

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A transgendered man has revealed his pregnancy to the world and has a due date scheduled for next month.

According to the Daily Mail, Scott Moore and his husband Thomas were both born female before undergoing surgery to change their genders.

The California couple, who are legally married because Scott still has a female birth certificate, already has two children aged ten and twelve from Thomas' previous relationship with a woman.

The Huffington Post reported that after the couple found out about the pregnancy, Moore said "We were so happy we did what all gay men do when they get excited -- we went shopping."

This situation is a reminder of when Thomas Beatie of Oregon announced that he was pregnant, becoming the first well-known pregnant man.

Scott and Thomas are planning on naming their baby Miles.

1 Comment

Nice job generally on the blog, Sarah. Be sure to highlight the name of the publication (ex, Huffington Post) to create your link. That just makes it more clear for readers. Good. GG

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