Analysis: Attribution in CNN power plant explosion story

In this story, the reporter has thus far included nine sources, naming all of them. For most the source's actual name has been used but others are left vague, such as 'police' or 'Middlesex Hospital'.

The sources are scattered throughout the story except for witness accounts. Witness stories are clumped together in the middle of the story.

Seven out of nine sources are from specific people while two, the police and Middlesex Hospital, are organizations.

The reporter paraphrased a lot of what the sources said and gave direct quotes for certain things. They did not just use the word 'said', they used the word 'told' as well. They also set up who the person was and their connection to the event in their attributions. This was effective because it made the sources more credible.

Overall, I thought that the attributions in this story were very effective.

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