Analysis: numbers in stories

The news story I found was from CNN about the March Jobs report.

The reporter used numbers in a lot of ways. He used them to simply tell facts and as comparisons. He also used them to help explain points he was making.

Although there are a lot of numbers in the story, they aren't overwhelming. They are easy to understand and there is enough writing in the story to balance out the large amount of numbers.

It is not clear whether the reporter actually used math to figure out the numbers or if he simply got the statistics straight from a report. Either way, there are calculations throughout the story that help explain the angle more effectively.

As far as sources for the numbers go, it is not completely clear. It is possible that they are all from the report that was issued and from the people that were interviewed.

Overall, the story used numbers effectively to describe to someone who is not good with numbers (someone like myself) the job market situation.

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