Jury verdict reached in Boy Scouts of America Case

A jury found the Boy Scouts of America liable for the sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy over 25 years ago, slapping them with $18.5 million in damages.

According to CNN, there were six men suing the organization over allegations of sexual abuse.

Attorney Kerry Clark claimed the Boy Scouts of America was aware of the abuse by scoutleader Timur Dykes, now 53.

The organization was going to dispute the allegations, insisting they have always stood against abuse, the BBC reported.

"This is by far the biggest award against the Scouts for sex abuse, probably by several times," said Patrick Boyle, editor of the Youth Today newspaper and author of a book about sex abuse within the Boy Scouts of America.

Under state law, the victims will not be completely compensated because 60 percent of the money must go to the state crime victims' fund.

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