Nine Chinese miners rescued after one week

Nine out of 153 trapped miners have been rescued from a flooded coal mine in Northern China where they have been for a week, Chinese state TV said.

According to the BBC, the mine in the Shanxi province flooded after a wall was broken in an abandoned shaft.

There have been around 3000 people constantly working to rescue the miners and pump out the water in order to reach them.

According to officials, the miners are in a weak state and their eyes were covered in order to prevent permanent damage since they've been exposed to complete darkness for a week.

The Telegraph reported that Chinese officials believe more people in the mine could still be alive.

People were hopeful when they heard tapping on a metal pipe on Friday but have since heard no sounds.

A preliminary investigation reported that the mine's managers ignored water leaks before the accident, the State Administration of Work Safety said.

According to the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, China's mines are the world's deadliest, killing 2,631 coal miners last year.

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