Six airlines not charging a carry-on fee

Delta, Sun Country, and four other airlines will not be following the footsteps of Spirit Airlines by charging passengers for carry-on bags.

According to the Star Tribune, Florida-based Spirit Airlines will be charging passengers up to $45 for carry-on luggage.

"We don't think it's fair to impose that on a passenger for a carry-on bag," said Sun Country spokeswoman Wendy Blackshaw.

Delta, Sun Country, American, JetBlue, United and US Air all offered commitments over the weekend to seven senators saying they would not impose carry-on fees.

NPR reported that this decision was made even though a few of the airlines are expected to report first-quarter losses due to big expenses.

"We believe it is something that's important to our customers and they value, and we will continue making that available to them at no charge," American Airlines spokesman Roger Frizzell said.

However, although there will be no carry-on fees, airlines may need to increase prices in other areas to make up for lost money.

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