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Anil Gupta is an Indian Proffessor who has created the Honey Bee Network to support grassroots organizations and people who are rich in intelligence not resources. 

The speech is essentially about the vast wealth of knowledge throughout the poor glasses of India that is untapped because they lack resources.

I think Gupta's choice of content was excellent. It was certainly interesting to me as I am an entrepreneur. I think it is also potentially quite accurate. It makes sense that there is a huge potential untapped in a huge segment of society that do not have the funds to act upon their own innovations. He makes the statement that "Any person, anywhere is capable of rising to the top." I am a believer that that statement is true, we each have gifts that we can act on and improve to rise to the top. One thing that Gupta could potentially have done better is to relate his content to the Western audience he was speaking too. Every example was specifically Indian and potentially lost a level of relatability. 

Gupta did an excellent job communicating. It was very clear that he was presenting in an Eastern manor. He spoke with a thick accent yet still in an understandable manor. He used hand motions yet communicated very little with his face. He also wore traditional Indian clothing which made it clear that he was speaking as an Indian to the Westerners listening. In comparison with Western speakers his delivery was more serious. There was no humor in it. He also did not communicate with facial expressions like most American speakers. I would also say that he talked about one subject for much longer than most Western speakers would since it could have been summed up in a briefer manor.  

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