Shaffi Mather: A New Way to Fight Corruption

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"A New Way to Fight Corruption" is a speech given by Shaffi Mather.  Shaffi Mather was a successful young entrepreneur who brought his family's real estate business to the forefront of the local market before moving on to take major positions at two of India's largest communication corporations: Essel Group and Reliance Industries. However, after experiencing a life-changing ride to the hospital with his mother, he decided to confront India's need for a dependable ambulance service. He chose to leave his career at Reliance and found 1298 for Ambulance, a for-profit service with a sliding scale payment system that has revolutionized medical transport in Mumbai and Kerala.

 The main message of the speech was the topic of corruption in India.  According to the World Bank estimate, 1 trillion dollars is paid each year in bribes, which is the equivalent of India's GDP.  Shaffi Mather began his speech by telling how he quit his job and became a social entrepreneur.  His first project was to create an ambulance system in India to transport injured people to hospitals.  Upon the success of that venture, he decided to create a company that would stop bribes by giving people who are offered bribes or people who are ordered to give bribes a number to call to fight the demand for a bribe.

The most interesting point of this speech to me was how driven this man is to fight corruption and make the world a fairer place.  He explained how we was successful in creating an ambulance system in India, and that now he is pursuing his primary goal in preventing corruption India.  I think he could have explained the business model for his Bribe-Buster service better, because I listened to it twice and was still not able to exactly understand the business model.

The speaker's delivery was engaging because his passion lends confidence to his speech which allows him to use natural, focused gestures with good posture and effective enunciation.  The only distracting part of his speech to me was his accent and the speed at which he spoke; it made it difficult for me to understand what he was saying at times.

The speaker's delivery style was a stark contrast to the traditional delivery style common in the Western world.  He spoke in a subdued way, his gestures were very controlled and minimal, and he spoke quickly without many upbeat tones.   His speech was distinctly Eastern in contrast with Dan Pink's speech because he was more controlled and spoke in a more subdued way with less visible "overconfidence".  I enjoyed his style of speaking because he spoke with passion, confidence, and genuinely cared about his mission. 

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