Shekhar Kapur: We are the story we tell ourselves

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The speech I watched was given by an Indian filmmaker and story teller by the name of Shekhar Kapur.  The speech he gives is about the art of story-telling; his idea is that the best way to tell a story is to get rid of his mind and go into a state of complete, utter panic.

                The speech Shakhar gives is about the many points of story -telling that makes a story great.  He goes on and on about how a story has multiple different stories when viewed from a different way.  His 4 story lines could all be correct, and even contradict each other.  His idea is that if presented in a contradictory way, a story could find a type of harmony that makes it something amazing. 

                Talking about story-telling and showing how it connects to each person in the world was a great way to get Shekhar's point across.  He was very Eastern in his delivery of the content.  He batted his way around the points he was making, never really saying exactly what he meant.  It was interesting to listen too, but I had to watch it twice to make sure I got what his main message was.

                Shekhar's delivery, on the other hand, was more western.  He made small hand gestures throughout, always staying within a few feet of his sides.  He paused quite a bit, and kept an even speed throughout the speech.  He did pace around quite a bit, but it wasn't to a point where it was distracting.

                While his delivery and content were pretty opposite when it comes to eastern vs. western, I would say that his speech overall had a more western feel to it.  He did have a point to make, and the only thing that kept him from saying it aloud was the fact that he went over his time limit at the end, which caused him to speed up and summarize his points.  

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