May 26, 2009


On Sunday when we arrived in Sydney, we got a chance to explore the area around our hotel, which is incredibly nice! (It has a pool and sauna on the roof and an amazing view at night). Then we got to go on a guided bus tour to see all the popular tourist areas. The first place they took us was to a lookout point across from the Sydney Cove where we could take pictures of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House! I remember always seeing it on TV during the 2000 Summer Olympics so it was incredible to actually be there looking at it with my own eyes. It was definitely a beautiful sight and I would visit again in a heartbeat. Today, we got to visit the Parliament House, where all of Australia’s legislation takes place. The walk there was almost two-thirds of the way to the coastline, so we decided to extend our journey a little further through the Royal Botanical Gardens. Those were just as beautiful as the gardens we got to see in Brisbane. We continued walking through that and were lucky enough to see the Opera House up close and personal! It definitely looks a lot different It was about an hour until sunset so I got some more great pictures of that, the Harbor Bridge, and the area inside the cove itself. We went to Darling Harbor on the way back to eat supper at a restaurant right on the water. By the time we got there, it was already nightfall so all of the city lights were reflecting across on the water and it was absolutely breathtaking; that has now become my favorite spot in all of Sydney. When we finally got back to the hotel, I used a map to calculate how far we had walked that day and arrived at a grand total of 14,200 meters. If our conversion from metric is correct, it was just less than 8 miles! My feet are unbelievably sore, but the 147 amazing pictures on my camera from today alone were definitely worth it.